My Work

» other work done during class

Vectorized Picture of myself made in Illustrator

First attempt at creating a vectorized picture of a person in Illustrator.

Vector Image of a beach made in Illustrator

Very first time using illustrator to create a picture of something. In this case, it is a beach.

Chess app made in Illustrator

During one of our classes we were given the task of creating Chess app icon for an iphone or smartphone in Illustrator using pen tool.

Digitised Coca Cola logo made in Illustrator

Digitised Coca-Cola logo, a task we were given during class on the first semester.
This was my first time tracing an image using the pen tool.

photoshop manipulation of Multimedia students having lunch at Trekroner

Photo manipulation of students having lunch at Trekroner.
This was made using the pen tool with paths, filters, gradient maps and selective coloring in Photohop.

photoshop manipulation of russian model Sasha Pivovarova

Picture manipulation made in Photoshop by transforming one face to another body (face of russian model Sasha Pivovarova).
Implemented in a desktop wallpaper here

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