School Projects

» Semester: February - June 2011

Project 01: Monument Website

Monuments Portal Website - Christian X Statue This project was to develop a website for a monument in Copenhagen, which would be part of a webe portal for tourists visiting Copenhagen.
The website was to be designed to fit the time of the monument and be Search Engine Optimized.

We were also to design a version of the website for mobile devices.

We chose to feature the statue of King Christian the 10th, which is situated at Sankt Annæ Plads.

I worked with Tobias Sorensen and Howard Wills on this project.

View Website - View Mobile Site

Project Plan - Wireframe - Photoshop mock-up - Project description (pdf)

Project 02: Visual Identity

Dream Tours Logo

For this project we were given the task of creating a visual identity for a fictive travel agency, called Dream Tours. During this project we were introduced to another one of the Adobe programs; InDesign.

My group: Alma Mikelsone, Kristaps Hercs, Irina Galateanu, Razvan Birle.

We had to focus on logotype and trademark design and show how we would implement it across different media, develop a communication model and marketing stragegy, and designing the visual identity proposal, using InDesign.

Project Plan - download report
Project description (pdf)

Project 03: User Survey

IdentifyIT Social Media Survey

This project was all about creating an online user survey, to examine the Danish people’s knowledge and use of online social media.

From the project brief:
"You are employed by the company IdentifyIT - a small market research company with a strong technical profile. IdentifyIT has always focused on incorporating their clients' identity in the projects they perform."

I had to create an online questionnaire using xhtml forms and javascript validation. I had to collect the responses in a database, analyze it and create a presentation of my results which I had to present in class.

download report - Project description (pdf)

Project 04: Exam Project; CSR

Nintendo - Corporate Social Responsibility

This project was my second semester exam project. Our tast was to create, or recreate, a website for an existing company which would emphasise their Corporate Social Responsibility.

From the project brief:

My group chose Nintendo, and we created a new, seperate website.
I worked with Mandy van de Tak, Wendy Kentrop, Alex Lazarova and Howard Wills.

download report - Project description (pdf)

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