Thoughts and Reflections

» First Semester

Before I began studying Multimedia Design & Communication, I had worked a little bit with web design, HTML and Photoshop.
I starting using Adobe Photoshop as a hobby in 2003, but I had only used it to edit photos for fun and I've also had my own website as a hobby in the past.

Even though I had worked a little bit with HTML and Photoshop before, I already learnt new skills during the first few introduction lessons we had. This tells me that choosing to study Multimedia Design was the right choice for me and I am very excited and eager to keep learning more.

During this first semester I have gained basic knowledge in some of the programs in the Adobe CS5 package, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.
Project planning and management has also been covered which I personally have gained a great deal from, as planning a project hasn't been something I've had to deal with before.

Overall during this first semester, we have been equipped with all the tools needed to create a successful project, although most of what we have covered in class has been very basic, and I've had to rely on doing a lot of "self-study" and practice the different programs outside of school. Luckily it's something I really enjoy and it's been fun to play around with the different programs and and learn their functionality, especially Illustrator.

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