School Projects

» First Semester: September - December 2010

Project 01: Wordpress Portfolio

wordpress portfolio Our first project was to build our own online portfolio, using WordPress.

We also had to create an html page about the Intro Tour from the first week of school.

View Portfolio - View html page

Download project description (pdf)

Project 02: Flash Banner

flash banner The second project was to create a banner ad for a musician using Adobe Flash.

This assignment was our first group project, where we were placed into groups prior to starting the project.
I was placed in a group with: Radu Nita and Ruben Beekmans.

The banners were to have a consistent style and theme, and had to represent the style of the artist.
The Canadian band Metric was out artist choice.

Banner 1 - Banner 2

Download project description (pdf)

Project 03: Website

Industrial Symbiosis Website

The third project was to design a website prototype for The Industrial Symbiosis Institute, to replace their existing one.

My group: Alma Mikelsone, Sally Loft, Tobias Sorensen, Howard Wills and myself.

We had to create a new design for the website, as well as code the website using valid xhtml and css.
We were introduced to MS Project as a tool for planning our work tasks.
A report documenting our design choices and work process was also required.

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Download project description (pdf)

Project 04: Portfolio Redesign

Line Hybler Jensen Design The fourth and final project of our first semester was this website, a re-design of the portfolio we created for our first project.
This time we were to create a website from scratch, using HTML and CSS.

Before starting this project, I had some experience with HTML and CSS as I've been making small websites as a hobby for some time, though I've never validated my websites. I chose to code using xhtml strict doctype, to challenge myself in becoming more accurate with my coding.

I wanted to make a website that I could code myself with my current knowledge. This was a factor when I started to design the layout; I wanted something clean, fresh, bright and not too complicated visually. I chose grey and white as the base colours, and I chose bright blue and reddish pink for the highlight colours. I think these two colours work well with grey and white, they brighten up the visual you get when entering the website, without being too overpowering. Furthermore, blue and pink were amongst the most popular colours used on the web in 2010 although my reasons for choosing them, was personal preference rather than overall popularity.

I wanted a streamlined layout for this website, but I decided that having rounded corners on my content area would soften up the website visually. I also knew from the beginning that I wanted the global navigation to have a tab function, in order to further the usability of the website. I had originally made the rounded corners by CSS, but because this didn't validate, I have used images for every element seen with rounded corners. This required a fair bit of extra mark up in the stylesheet, but in the end this has taught me a great deal more about how to style expanding (stretchable) elements. I have had to use a bit of javascript, which I unfortunately have not written myself. This bit of script has been used for the pop-up of my Flash banner, which can be seen on this page.

Project Plan - Wireframe - Information Architechture - Photoshop mock-ups

Download project description (pdf)

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